Gum Crayola Squeeze A Color Toothpaste

Top 5 2014 articles published in RDH

Dec. 18, 2014
All of the magazine's articles are archived at Based on reader traffic to the website. here are the readers' choices for articles to read. Afterwards, view the top products that readers targeted for additional information during 2014.

All of the magazine's articles are archived at Based on reader traffic to the website. here are the readers' choices for articles to read. Afterwards, view the top products that readers targeted for additional information during 2014.

1. Do you want that mouthwash straight up or on the rocks?


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Despite the tongue-in-cheek headline, Cathleen Terhune Alty took a serious look at patients who "abuse" the alcoholic content in some oral mouthwashes. She wrote, "Awareness and education can help patients select the products that are right for their circumstances. A wise choice in our purchasing, use, and storage of products is important and requires some consideration in light of its possibility for abuse."

2. Seeing the bigger view


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The Comfort Zone column written by Anne Guignon often reflects on the slow evolution of dental ergonomics as clinicians concentrate on avoiding occupational injuries. In this case, the column examines why dental professionals still resist wearing loupes. She writes about a dentist who formally required magnification in a dental office, mandating that employees purchase their own loupes.

3. Be hip to hep


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Hygienist Heidi Emmerling Munoz candidly discusses her own experience with hepatitis C and a lifetime of dealing with the bias against people who have it. She writes, "Now that you are hip to hep C, be the inspiration my GI was for me. Consider it your personal and professional challenge to dispel the myths, stamp out the stigma, encourage screening, and share the news of the exciting new cure."

4. Local anesthesia options during dental hygiene care


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Demetra Logothetis and Margaret Fehrenbach have developed an expertise in lecturing and writing about anesthesia from the dental hygiene perspective. In this article, they addressed common questions about pain control in the hygiene operatory, including "Is there any real benefit to using anesthetic buffering in my practice of dental hygiene?"

5. Legal questions about employment


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Dianne Glasscoe Watterson typically will address a single question from a reader in her Staff Rx column, much like the famous "Dear Abby" columns in newspapers. In the February issue, she broke from the tradition by addressing common legal questions regarding employment as a hygienist. For example, "Is it legal to require me to clock out when I do not have a patient in my chair?"

Product Report

most popular product announcements

1st: Gum crayola squeeze - a - color toothpaste


Sunstar Americas' license with Crayola has worked well for several pediatric oral care products. So the announcement about the Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste attracted the attention of many dental hygienists. The tootpaste comes in three flavors - Blueberry Burst (blue), Melon Blast (red), and Jazzy Apple (green). The company designed a special cap to reduce the mess made by the, uh, little ones.


2nd: Reach Complete Care Triple Angle toothbrush


In 2012, Dr. Fresh acquired Reach Toothbrushes from Johnson & Johnson. Dr. Fresh launched its Reach Complete Care Triple Angle toothbrushes early in 2014. The toothbrushes provide three different angles of bristle cleaning - left, straight, and right. A 13-degree angled neck helps improve access in the mouth.


3rd: Knotty Floss


Elizabeth Martens, a California dental hygienist, created Knotty Floss that features knots one inch apart on the string. The knots provide guideposts to improve flossing technique and help with gripping the floss. Martens writes on the company website: After hearing complaints from thousands of people I started to think that the design of ordinary floss may be the problem."


4th: Tess Oral Health Ortho Bundles


Tess Oral Health's attempt to simplify home care for orthodontic patients attracted the attention of many hygienists in the May issue. Ortho Bundles starts with a personalized orthodontic toothbrush. Then the company allows consumers to choose two out of four items: floss, floss threader, interproximal brush, or Platypus. Tess encourages branding by allowing options to add logos, the name of a dental practice, and other information to its products.


5th: DenTek and Listerine Avengers


In October 2013, Marvel Entertainment, which is home to superheroes such as Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man, announced its plans to license characters from the Avengers series to a variety of consumer products. DenTek and Listerine joined in the hunt for superheroes for its products. DenTek features the Avenger characters on fruit-flavored floss picks (shown in photo). Listerine Brand used Avengers with a mouthwash.

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6th: Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit


Procter & Gamble teamed up with Columbian singer Shakira to create a new brand for its patented whitening strips - the Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit. The key word here is FlexFit, since the company developed a new technology to allow Whitestrips to stretch and expand around areas where whitening is desired.


7th: Com-Fit Plush masks


Sultan Healthcare targeted the clinicians' comfort when it launched the Com-Fit Plush masks. The inner material inside the mask, as well as the ear loops and nosepiece, are marketed as being "silky soft." Hygienists responded to the appeal of a softer approach to infection control compliance. Sultan provides the masks in three levels of protection, each corresponding to ASTM levels 1 to 3.


8th: Ortek Therapeutics BasicBites


All Ortek Therapeutics had to do was say the word "chocolate," and suddenly everyone was paying attention to
BasicBites. The sugar-free chocolate soft chews were touted for the nutritional value of preserving the normal acid-base (pH) levels already existing on tooth surfaces. BasicBites coat the teeth with a patented blend of vital nutrients.


9th: Nu Radiance Nu Shield Clear


Nu Radiance, a Wisconsin-based company that developed a reputation with its take-home whitening systems, introduced a 5% sodium fluoride varnish in 2014. Nu Shield Clear applies white and dries clear for a natural tooth appearance. The fluoride varnish covers evenly, pleasing patients with its mild bubble gum flavoring.


10th: Vital Shield Gold Size fitted gloves


Lenty Sales, an importer, introduced Vital Shield Gold Size fitted gloves earlier in the year. The manufacturer, Shield Gloves, specifically contours the gloves to the shape of the left and right hands. The design allows the thumb to rest in a comfortable position during treatment, and the elastic memory encourages a comfortable "cupped" position. Many clinicians are concerned that ambidextrous gloves lead to conditions predisposed to carpel tunnel syndrome.