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Short brush, proven toothpaste, and all organic

May 16, 2014
This is one of the most innovative brushes I have seen in a long time. Designed to be used with a pinch grip by using one or two fingers and your thumb ...

By Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH

Introducing the Toof-inger Brush

This is one of the most innovative brushes I have seen in a long time. Designed to be used with a pinch grip by using one or two fingers and your thumb (see Figure 1), this brush helps to create healthy brushing habits. As a result, the brush helps to prevent gingival recession and enamel wear by limiting the amount of pressure that can be applied while brushing.The Toof-inger Brush simply repurposes the standard size of the toothbrush handle, shortening it by about two inches. The shorter size and the two-finger grip make this brush easy to control at any brushing orientation. Gripping a standard brush involves making a fist around the handle allowing the force of the entire arm to bear down on the teeth and gums with minimal control. The amount of force generated with a pinch grip and the Toof-inger Brush is only 15% to 25% of what can be generated with a full-handed grip. In addition, the pinch grip provides more control, which encourages increased awareness for more detailed brushing.

The brush comes in four colors (see Figure 2).

The Toof-inger Brush is a product of F.T.G.G. LLC, which is a veteran owned and operated small business based in Apex, N.C. Visit for more information.

An update about Colgate Total

Every now and then, it's nice to visit a product that's been around awhile, especially when the clinical benefits have been reconfirmed. In February, the Cochrane Oral Health Group confirmed the benefits of triclosan/copolymer, the antibacterial active system used in Colgate Total (see Figure 3).

The Cochrane review evaluated 30 studies that included almost 15,000 participants who used either Colgate Total with fluoride or a traditional fluoride toothpaste without triclosan/copolymer. The studies dated from 1990 to 2012 and evaluated the long-term control of caries, plaque and gingivitis in both children and adults.

The results highlighted the clinical benefits of Colgate Total and concluded that there was no evidence of any harmful effects associated with the use of toothpaste including triclosan/copolymer.

Further review confirmed that after six or more months of using fluoride toothpaste with triclosan/copolymer participants had a 22% reduction in plaque and a 41% reduction in plaque severity when compared with the use of traditional fluoride toothpaste. In addition participants in the studies achieved a 22% reduction in gingivitis and a 48% reduction in gingival bleeding.

The Cochrane Oral Health Group comprises an international network of healthcare professionals, researchers and consumers preparing, maintaining and disseminating systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials in oral health. You can read the full text of the review at the online "Cochrane Library."

To learn more about the Colgate Total line of toothpastes that include the triclosan/copolymer system, please visit

Coldstream Naturals' organic products

In response to the high demand of health-conscious consumers for cleaner labels, especially in oral care products, Coldstream Naturals has recently introduced four new products. Each product is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be organic and free of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Coldstream Naturals' tooth creams and mouthwashes (see figure 4) feature Citrozine, a proprietary blend of natural fruit bioflavonoids known to help maintain good oral health. The bioflavonoids act to promote health by neutralizing oxidative stress caused by free radical damage. The tooth creams and the mouthwashes provide a safe way to cleanse and protect the teeth while helping soothe irritated or inflamed gum tissues.

The tooth cream is fluoride free, low foaming, and low abrasive with mild natural polishers. The mouthwash is reported to be gentle with no bite, no burn, and no bitterness, which encourages longer rinsing time for better results.

Both the tooth cream and the mouthwash are available in peppermint and cinnamon with specific formulations for your patients with sensitive teeth, cosmetic restorations, and dry mouth.

Coldstream Naturals' products do not contain synthetic foaming agents, silica, titanium dioxide, bleaching agents, alcohol, or harsh processed chemicals. They are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners, and they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Please visit or call (352) 327-9131 for more information.

As always, please email me at [email protected] and tell me about your favorite products that you would like to see featured in this column.


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