An acknowledgement

Dec. 1, 2003
The "Editor's Note" devotes much space to praising writers. No surprise there ... the writers are who we enjoy reading. They deserve the praise that's usually on this page.

By Mark Hartley

The "Editor's Note" devotes much space to praising writers. No surprise there ... the writers are who we enjoy reading. They deserve the praise that's usually on this page. They amaze me by how they can pause in their full-time endeavors to write something that makes you, in turn, pause and reflect on the wisdom of what is written. Without the writers, RDH would be very skimpy.

My counterpart at Dental Economics is Dr. Joe Blaes. In his "Editor's Note," he periodically thanks colleagues who are less visible about the 1,001 ways they assist Dental Economics in the "background." Despite what the "Editor's Note" might imply with its prominent location, the Editor is not the only one working on a magazine. I'd like to acknowledge some folks who shouldn't have such a low profile with RDH. I'm going to put them on the "Editor's Note" page for a change.

• Lyle Hoyt — He is the group publisher. He deserves more credit than anyone for taking a "sleepy backwater" division at PennWell that consisted of Dental Economics and Proofs magazines and transforming it into a successful, vibrant division that now includes RDH, Dental Equipment & Materials, and Woman Dentist Journal. More importantly, as I reflect on my career, it staggers to remember the publishers that I've known who do not read the publications they publish. Lyle reads the above publications. That shouldn't be an oddity, but it is.

• Craig Dickson — He is the publisher of RDH. Craig quietly and effectively forges a multitude of wonderful relationships between hygienists and dental manufacturers each year. He is also the mastermind behind the RDH Under One Roof Conference. Craig wishes only good things for the dental hygiene profession, and it's a privilege to work under that kind of leadership.

• Amy Frazin, Chris Page, and Marv Ashworth — They generate the overwhelming majority of advertisements that appear in RDH. Dental manufacturers really do believe you are a critical member of the dental team, and our "sales force" keeps that message out there. Amy is a hygienist who still practices on a limited basis. She crusades daily for the profession. As for the other two? They almost always make me laugh; so, if the opportunity ever arises, engage in a conversation with them.

• Machele Galloway — She is the production manager who turns a very messy situation (each issue of RDH) into something that somehow turns out all right.

• Ted Anibal — We agree that dental manufacturers keep the factories humming all night long to help you provide the best care possible, right? Well, Ted sorts through all of the news about their developments and innovations to bring you the "Product Report" section of the magazine each month. He's married to a hygienist, Joyce, and they are a pleasure to know.

• Linda Thomas — She is the circulation manager. If I was going to hand out an MVP award for RDH, it would probably go to Linda. If RDH doesn't show up in the mail on your end, the articles and advertisements fail to accomplish their purpose. Around 67,000 dental hygienists across the United States — relocating frequently due to spouse, career opportunities, and sometimes just pure whim — continue to receive RDH. Wow!

• Kevin Henry — He is my "next door neighbor" during the day, and the editor of Dental Equipment & Materials magazine. He keeps me sane through laughter.

• Penny Anderson, Vicki Cheeseman, and Linda Holeman — Primarily editors with Dental Economics and/or Woman Dentist Journal, they kindly lend a helping hand to RDH when needed. Linda, by the way, writes up the majority of news items on the RDH Web site at

• Dr. Joe Blaes — And, of course, we return to the inspiration for this "Editor's Note." Dental Economics does not exert any profound influence on the editorial direction of RDH, and vice versa. But it's silly to think that the two publications do not strive to advance dentistry as part of one effort.

And there are others, such as the proofreaders — Kirsten Brancheau (a hygienist) and Meg Kaiser, in particular — and Sherri Couch, the conference developer who coordinates RDH Under One Roof conferences. But I'm out of space. The "Editor's Note" is too short of an acknowledgement for the terrific crew behind RDH. Happy holidays!

Mark Hartley is the editor of RDH. He can be contacted at [email protected].