RDH Evolution: The path to a happy career

March 28, 2024
RDH Evolution helps dental hygienists discover and improve their career aspirations, whether that's clinical, a side gig, or outside the op. Meet fellow RDHs with similar ideas. It's time well spent!

If your career can use a little boost, or even a big change, RDH Evolution is the place to start. This intimate conference that precedes RDH Under One Roof on July 15-17 brings dental hygienists together in an open-minded atmosphere.

Ask questions. Speak your mind. Be vulnerable. RDH Evolution encourages interaction throughout the entire conference. Now in its fourth year, it's helped launch careers in new directions, and has enlivened the careers of those who were simply looking for a refresh.

Jackie Sanders has heard people start the conference and wonder "why they're in the room." She reports that they leave knowing exactly "why they were in the room."

Listen to what Jackie has to say to learn if RDH Evolution is right for you. Chances are it's just where you need to be! Registration is limited, so register now, and watch your career evolve!

For the limited-time conference discount code or for more information, contact Jackie at [email protected].