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Oct. 1, 2005
I am thrilled with the addition of the new column, "A Day at the Spa", to RDH.

Likes holistic message of spa column

Dear RDH:
I am thrilled with the addition of the new column, “A Day at the Spa,” to RDH. I am a true believer in the concept that dental hygiene is a “hands-on” healing profession. We touch lives, not just teeth. The days of a dental hygienist being regarded as a “cleaning woman” are long gone, I am glad to say! We are practitioners of healing in every sense of the word.

Although my office is far from the “spa” setting that this column will focus upon, I feel that every office can incorporate and benefit from simplistic basic measures of natural healing in their practice. As health practitioners, we need to embrace the concepts of holistic, homeopathic, and alternative medicine.

At this time, when medicine and dentistry are finally bridging their gaps in the interest of total body and systemic health, “spa-like dentistry” can prove to be interesting and innovative for patient care in our future. I look forward to reading Debra Grant’s new column!

Maureen Murphy Chodaba, RDH
Highland, New York

Editor’s Note: The name of the “A Day at the Spa” column was changed to “Mind, Body & Spirit,” effective with this issue.

1969 grad is pursuing degree

Dear RDH:
I thoroughly enjoyed the article regarding degree completion programs (August 2005 issue). I graduated from the University of Louisville in 1969 and only needed 30 hours to finish my degree. Due to the sophistication of their distance learning program, I have enrolled again to complete my bachelor’s degree. Their degree completion program ends December 2008, so I was glad to see there are alternative sources available if needed.

It was interesting to learn that I was not the only one who decided to return to the classroom after so many years!

Kathy Fisher, RDH
Augusta, Georgia

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