ADSTRA imaging software targets patient education

March 2, 2005
Software and intraoral or digital camera combine to expedite education of patients about treatment.

Designed to make capturing, storing, and retrieving of images of a dental professional's portfolio of work quick and simple to complete, ADSTRA System's ADSTRA Imaging™ software offers dentists the ability to easily educate patients.

ADSTRA Imaging™ software and an intraoral or digital camera are all that is needed to store images and instantly create a portfolio that can be used to help patients understand the need for a particular treatment.

ADSTRA Imaging™ also allows each practice to catalog any image, such as crowns or veneers, under unique user-defined categories. An exclusive indexing technique permits the user to quickly create a presentation for patients using before and after images of actual treatments.

The ease with which ADSTRA Imaging™ can capture and catalog images and then retrieve the relevant images when needed is perfect for educating patients as treatment options can easily be presented as soon as a problem is identified.

This results in higher patient confidence as patients can see completed work done for another patient with a similar condition.