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Product Report

March 1, 2003
The new lead-free panoramic poncho apron (item 31460) is lightweight for added patient comfort — especially children and geriatrics — and ease of manipulation by technicians.

Lead-free panoramic poncho X-ray apron

The new lead-free panoramic poncho apron (item 31460) is lightweight for added patient comfort — especially children and geriatrics — and ease of manipulation by technicians. Traditional leaded aprons weigh 60 percent more.

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The new nontoxic, recyclable, high-tech alloy sheeting provides protection for patients from secondary (scatter) radiation during panoramic radiography. The gray vinyl covering is durable and easy to clean, while the Scotch-guarded lilac corduroy backing prevents slippage. Standard adult lead-free aprons also are available with a collar (item 31459) or without a collar (item 31458).

For more information, ask your dealer, call (800) 833-8267, or visit

Crosstex Isofluid face masks

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Isofluid face masks are now available in lavender and teal. Isofluid face masks have a fluid-repellant outer layer and soft, white-tissue inner layer for sensitive skin.

Providing the wearer with a PFE of 99 percent of 1.0 micron, Isofluid masks have three layers for easy breathability, feature downward-folding pleats, soft earloops attached to the outer layer of the mask to avoid skin irritation, and are available in three variations and a variety of colors.

Ask us about our complete line of face masks — available in 11 different types — for all levels of protection from the basic exam to the treatment of high-risk patients.

For more information and/or to request a sample, call (631) 582-6777, Fax (631) 582-2817, or email at [email protected].

Denbur introduces Fracfinder Colors™

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The new Fracfinder Colors™ are available in white, green, pastel blue, pink, and purple. They are made of patient-friendly, soft material.

Fracfinder is a useful and simple instrument for locating a fracture in a tooth. To use, Fracfinder is placed on the suspected cusp, providing force when the patient gently bites down on the instrument. The cracked cusp is then located easily, rapidly, and precisely. Fracfinder also can be used for seating crowns, bridges, and for tapping on teeth.

Fracfinder Colors are fully autoclavable. They are available as four instruments, one color per bag, or as five instruments, assorted colors per bag.

For more information, call (800) 992-1399 or visit

New Oral-B interdental handle

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Oral-B Laboratories introduces its new interdental handle with design enhancements that improve the overall effectiveness of the brush. The new features deliver enhanced control, comfort, and precision. The oval shape allows rolling the brush for 360-degree access to interproximal areas.

The handle includes an elongated grip for greater leverage and control, increased handle size and angled head that provides better reach and access even in hard-to-reach areas. Oral-B has even upgraded the grip with elastomer nonlatex rubber to provide better handling when wet.

The new handle is available to the profession for $21.75 for a box of 36 handles. A new patient starter kit features the new handle along with two brush refills.

For more information and special pricing on kits, call (800) 44-ORALB (446-7252).

Announcing a very special raffle

Through the generosity of Laclede, Inc., makers of Oral Balance and Biotene Products, Special Care Dentistry is raffling a 2003 Harley Davidson Anniversary Fat Boy motorcycle valued at $22,500, plus $225 toward a helmet. Raffle tickets are $10 each and can be purchased by calling Ms. Kathy Olson at (815) 484-8678 (CST), or online at

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Only 10,000 tickets will be sold for this raffle, which will be held on March 29, 2003 at the annual meeting of SCD. You need not be present to win. The winner is responsible for taxes and for making arrangements to get their brand-new bike home. Tickets are tax-deductible. Special Care in Dentistry is an organization of dental professionals who treat people with special needs. "Special needs" includes people with disabilities, the elderly, and those who need hospital treatment. All proceeds will benefit the work that these professionals do. This represents a great opportunity to win a brand new Harley and help out a good cause. Call today — time is limited.

Hu-Friedy announces three new cassettes

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Hu-Friedy introduces three new Two-Tier cassettes to its line of IMS® Signature Series® cassettes — the Two-Tier exam cassette, the Two-Tier 20-instrument cassette, and the Two-Tier large orthodontic cassette. The new cassettes allow for more instruments in less space. New drainage holes minimize risk of wet packs. Silicone instrument and compression rails are ideal for color coding set-ups. They also help to keep instruments in position, protecting them from damage.

The new cassettes are available in the following part codes: IM908x, Two-Tier exam cassette, 3" by 8" by 1.5" with eight-instrument capacity; IM920x, Two-Tier 20-instrument cassette, 6" by 9.7" by 1.5" with 20-instrument capacity with accessory area; and, IM920x-OR, Two-Tier large orthodontic cassette, 6" by 9.7" by 1.5". When ordering, replace the "x" with the number of the desired color — red = 0, gray = 1, white = 2, orange = 3, yellow = 5, purple = 6, blue = 8, green = 9.

For more information, call Hu-Friedy at (800)-HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

Get visual confidence of sterilization

Medicom® self-sealing sterilization pouches have been designed to provide a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution for quality infection control. Medicom pouches are designed with the highest quality materials and produced on state-of-the-art equipment.

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The pouches are steam, chemical vapor, and ETO compatible. Special medical-grade heavyweight paper stock provides superior strength against tearing. They are available in nine different sizes to accommodate your sterilization needs.

Compare and save: Buy Five boxes, get one box free! (Same-sized pouches.)

Medicom, Inc. developed the product and is available through all dental distributors. Call your local dealer to place your order.

For product information, call (800) 361-2862 or visit

New Piezon® Master 600

The new Piezon® Master 600 is a multifunctional piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler that is self-contained and totally portable. The handpiece tip design is of exceptional design and quality. Two 350-ml irrigant reservoirs allow irrigation with an irrigant of choice for extended procedures. An option for external water hook-up also is available. Irrigant flow-rate is adjusted directly on the handpiece for easy access during procedures.

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The Master 600's detachable ultra-thin foot control easily switches to power boost, dry work, or irrigation-only. Restorative, perio, and endo preset buttons offer your choice of preset power ranges for treatment. The handpiece cord is detachable, with an option for a second handpiece cord hookup.

Air-Flow® S2 combination air polisher/ultrasonic scaler, miniPiezon®, and built-in kits also are available. For more information, call EMS at (800) 367-0367.

New SplatrFree® Swangle 360® angles

SmartPractice® introduces a more ergonomic tool to make the hygienist's job easier. The exclusive new Swangle 360® pivots with a "click" to lock into the optimum position — contra, reverse contra or any position in-between. The result is unprecedented access to hard-to-reach lingual, buccal, and posterior surfaces.

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The Swangle 360 makes it easy to find the best angle while helping the hygienist avoid pain and fatigue in the shoulders, neck, and back while keeping the wrist in an ergonomic, neutral (not bent) working position. It also helps prevent tubing tangles often caused by awkward working positions.

The Swangle 360 is available with Standard Soft, Standard Firm, and Small Soft latex-free cups.

For more information, call (800) 522-0800 or visit

Therapic™ — the high-tech toothpick

The unique design of Therapic™ — the alternative to flossing — stimulates gums every time your patient uses them, leaving teeth and gums free of plaque and food particles. If they have braces, bridgework, or when flossing is inconvenient, recommend Therapic.

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Therapics are single, cut pieces of high-quality plastic, rolled for the perfect size and shape. They will not splinter like ordinary wooden toothpicks, and Therapic is hygienically superior, durable, and safe. They are flexible and formable to conform to the smallest spaces between teeth, and can be shaped to reach back teeth and work effectively around braces, crowns, bridges, and other dental work where floss is difficult or impossible to use.

Therapics can be used anywhere, with the ease of a toothpick. As the hollow end passes between the teeth, it conforms to the gap, removing large food particles with little difficulty. The other end is a flexible tip that softly conforms to small interdental spaces. Its unique spiral surface effectively removes plaque while gently stimulating gums. Form and flatten the tip between the upper and lower front teeth for the most effective cleaning between molars.

Therapic comes in handy, 50-count tubes. They are economically priced at just $1.66 each for six to 24 tubes, with substantial discounts on bulk purchases.

For additional pricing information or to order, call (800) 352-4131 or email at [email protected].