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  • Volume 42, Issue 12 (December 2022)
  • Volume 42, Issue 12 (December 2022)

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    Career & Profession

    The great disruption: Dental hygiene education during the pandemic

    Hygienists Kevin Lopez and Katrina Sanders look at how dental hygiene education was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and suggest ways to adapt from here on out.
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    Patient Care

    Chairside Impact: The Dental Pain Eraser

    Jan. 5, 2023
    Pain has to be a top reason patients fail to seek dental care. The Dental Pain Eraser from Synapse has been called “magical” due to its ability to reduce, and in most cases eradicate...
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    Patient Care

    Chairside Impact: Tongue Sweeper Hygienist Pro

    Tongue Sweeper USA is making moves with the Tongue Sweeper Hygienist Pro, an upgraded tongue scraper “…designed by hygienists for hygienists” according to Ron Onslow, president...
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    Career & Profession

    4 "green flags" to look for in a dental hygiene job

    When you’re looking for a new job, don’t focus only on the red flags. Instead, look for these four green flags that can make a meaningful difference in your career.
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    Patient Education

    The translocation of bacteria: Inflammatory bowel disease

    In a meta-analysis of six eligible studies, results validated that periodontitis was significantly associated with IBD, but the mechanism was still undetermined.

    More content from Volume 42, Issue 12 (December 2022)

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    Infection Control

    X-ray safety: Are your processes what they should be for patients and staff?

    Is the way you're taking x-rays a risk to patients and staff? Learn how to ensure safety of patients without sacrificing the diagnostic benefits of x-rays.
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    Patient Care

    Why GERD matters to the dental hygienist

    Dec. 15, 2022
    What do you know about GERD, and how does it affect dental treatment? Take a look at the symptoms, causes, and treatments for your hygiene patients who have GERD.
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    Patient Care

    What fingernails say about oral-systemic health

    Dec. 12, 2022
    COVID nails? Muehrcke’s lines? The things you can learn about a patient with a look at their nails will surprise you.
    Katrina Klein, RDH, demonstrates her saddle stool.

    Saddle stools: Don’t buy until you try

    If you sat on and didn't like a saddle stool, it might be time to try again. Take it from Katrina Klein. At first she didn't like it, and now she can't practice without it.
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    Career & Profession

    DSOs: What I never knew (but wish I had)

    Learn why this hygienist with 30 years of experience thinks a career in a DSO can offer opportunities that private practices can't.
    Entrepreneurs Tina Mavriyannakis, RRDH, left, and Kelly Tanner, RDH.
    Alternative Practice

    The entrepreneurial hygienist: Changing how care is delivered

    These hygienists have an entrepreneurial spirit and are changing the world as founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Here's how they're doing it.
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    Career & Profession

    A written standard of care: Your dental office must-have

    Is your standard of care really standard? Learn why it needs to be, and check out this 10-part sample standard of care document you can adapt for your office.