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Jan. 1, 2007

CEREC celebrates milestone in Las Vegas

After much anticipation and a year in the making, the CEREC 20th Anniversary Experience arrived and took Las Vegas by storm. Celebrating 20 years of CEREC success, the event filled Bally’s on the Las Vegas Strip in mid-October. An overwhelming success, more than 1,600 people attended the CEREC Experience, making it the largest CAD/CAM event in history, an apropos celebration for the world’s only chairside dental CAD/CAM device.

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“We are thrilled with the tremendous support of the CEREC community for this event. Las Vegas was the largest gathering of CEREC users ever assembled. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to be on stage in front of almost 2,000 enthusastic CEREC’ers. We thank all who came and made this event such a success I can’t wait until the 25th anniversary to do it again,” said Michael Augins, president of Sirona Dental Systems, LLC.

Part of the celebration included speeches by Sirona dignitaries, lectures by some of the world’s foremost CEREC users, and exclusive performances by Penn & Teller and Jay Leno.

Greater New York Dental Meeting earns kudos

Tradeshow Week has awarded the Greater New York Dental Meeting two prestigious awards - inclusion in its annual “Top 200 Trade Shows of the U.S.” and naming it one of the “Top 50 Fastest Growing Tradeshows.”

“This is an extraordinary achievement to be able to win two such highly esteemed awards within one year,” said Dr. Robert R. Edwab, the meeting’s executive director.

CRETE’s Industry Advisory Council meets

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) of the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine’s Center for Research in Education and Technology Evaluation (CRETE) held its biannual meeting at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center in Las Vegas. The dental industry was represented at the IAC by JEP Management, A-dec, Patterson Dental Co., Benco Dental Co., National Dentex Corp., Centrix, Inc., Henry J. Bosworth Co., DentalEZ Group, Oragenics, Inc., Premier Dental Products, Sakaduski Marketing Solutions, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc., and Henry-Schein, Inc.

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At the meeting, which was chaired by Mildred Goldstein, president of Harry J. Bosworth Co., the IAC forum was inaugurated with Rear Admiral Christopher Halliday, the U.S. Dental Chief Officer, Director of Indian Health Service, and member of the ADA House of Delegates. RADM Halliday was invited to share his view on the progress made following the 2000 Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health Care in America.

RADM Halliday noted that access to oral health care remains a significant problem -especially among Alaskan natives, Indian populations, and in inner-city and rural areas. But meetings with concerned groups such as CRETE’s IAC have allowed progress to be made in key areas, including increased opportunities for dental students to provide oral care to Alaskan natives.

The IAC encourages an interactive partnership of academia, government, and industry in dentistry. Many council members were appalled by the conditions of the underserved in America and expressed strong desires to work with RADM Halliday to create initiatives to assist in improving the quality of oral health care for those without access.

In addition, Vickie Waitsman, Esq., chairman of the Board of the Dental Trade Alliance, and Charles Cohen, president of Benco, Inc., discussed the ongoing efforts of the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation to promote access to oral health services.

The two-hour meeting also included reports on the Biodontics Educational Program (BEP) and the Product Evaluation Research Laboratory initiative endorsed by IAC members. The IAC expressed its satisfaction with the successful expansion of the BEP to include four U.S. dental schools. Representatives of Patterson Companies, Inc., Benco, Inc., Centrix, Inc., Colgate-Palmolive, and Sakaduski Marketing Solutions, who conducted demonstrations and lectures during the July 2006 BEP, shared their enthusiasm for the Biodontics Program’s goals and successes during the past two years. They also expressed their pleasure for the opportunity to work with students who are committed to learning how new technologies and procedures are critical in improving oral health care for the American public.

The IAC will reconvene in January of 2007 and will continue to advise CRETE on how to enhance the presence of the dental industry in dental schools and promote the introduction of products and new technologies into the dental curriculum.

Benco holds advanced product training sessions

Six territory reps were among the latest group to recently attend Advanced Product Training at Benco Dental. The weeklong sessions, which are conducted throughout the year at the company’s Wilkes-Barre, Pa., headquarters, include hands-on learning opportunities involving more than 100 products - “everything from anesthetics to X-ray products,” said Carol Koval, RDH, a product manager in Benco Dental’s marketing department who also leads the class during demonstrations. Representatives from 3M ESPE and Meisinger USA also presented demonstrations of their own.

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Advanced Product Training is just one facet of the company’s comprehensive, ongoing sales training efforts, which collectively represented an investment of more than $1 million in 2006.

Sullivan-Schein reps train at Midmark

Service technicians of Sullivan-Schein Dental recently spent three days at Midmark’s Dental Service School in Versailles, Ohio, to learn about Midmark products.

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“These technicians spent many hours in the classroom, completed the course and are now certified repair technicians for Midmark equipment,” said Jeff Sanders, dental service technician and classroom instructor for Midmark. Product focuses included Midmark’s dental chairs, instrument delivery units, sterilizers, lighting, and Apollo vacuums and compressors.

“The mechanics of all the Midmark equipment were explained in great detail and the hands-on troubleshooting was excellent,” said Will Parris of Sullivan-Schein.

Technicians who attended this training also found Documark to be an extremely valuable tool. Documark is Midmark’s repository for technical documentation on its products. It is produced for the benefit of service technicians, end-users, sales representatives and anyone else who requires access to its manuals and other documents.

Instructor Dan Stockslager led the dental equipment training and Jeff Sanders conducted the sterilizer training. Attendees included Rick Reichert of New Jersey, Will Paris of Pennsylvania, Mark Ruedisueli of Ohio, John Duggan of Colorado, Marty Rector of Virginia, and Jeff Clark and Greg Betush of California.

Midmark’s service schools are available to all its authorized distributors. Visit for more information.

Hu-Friedy donates to NFDH

Hu-Friedy understands the impact of a healthy smile, including for those who have disabilities. Through Hu-Friedy’s donation of various high-quality dental hygiene, restorative, and surgical instruments, the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (NFDH - a charitable affiliate of the American Dental Association) will better be able to serve hundreds of patients who are unable to care for their own oral health.

The instruments will be used by traveling practitioners dedicating their services to the NFDH’s Dental HouseCalls program. The HouseCalls program was established to bring care to people who cannot easily travel to dentists’ offices - residents of nursing homes, homebound individuals and developmentally disabled people attending day programs or living in residential centers. A fully equipped, portable dental office is transported in a van and set-up at bedside or in the facilities so dentists can serve these individuals. Without this service, most of these people would go without any kind of dental care - it is their only access to treatment. Systems operate in Chicago, Denver, and New Jersey and help thousands of people each year.

To find out more about how the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped makes a difference visit

Midmark hosts training

Service technicians from various companies recently spent three days at Midmark’s Dental Service School in Versailles, Ohio, to learn about Midmark products. Product focuses included Midmark’s dental chairs, instrument delivery units, sterilizers, lighting, and Apollo vacuums and compressors.

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“Our schools provide very thorough, hands-on training that is beneficial to technicians who service our products,” said Craig Reed, dental service technician and classroom instructor for Midmark. “Attendees frequently comment on the fact that our training is easy to follow and that they leave with a much broader understanding of our products. They also appreciate the professional, yet comfortable atmosphere.”

Instructor Craig Reed led the dental equipment training and Jeff Sanders conducted the sterilizer training. Attendees included Rolland Harris, Richard Funk, Troy Hunter and David Newton of Benco Dental; Gene Hartley, Jr. of Parkway Dental; John Karnick of Becker-Parkin Dental; Christy Hoffman of East Tennessee State University; Tom Lazor of Dental Products and Service; and Andrew Nugent and Frank Cooper of Henry Schein Ash Arcona.

Midmark’s service schools are available to all its authorized distributors. Visit for more information.

Sterngold’s sales team is operational

Sterngold Dental, LLC, has announced that its new sales team is now fully operational.

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“The addition of 10 outside sales representatives is part of a North American strategy that we have put forth to become more competitive in our business segments of alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems,” stated Gordon Craig, vice president of business development. “We are already seeing the benefits that the new sales team and their combined sales experience in this market can provide. The team we have in place today will play a key role in our future growth and continued success of our flagship ERA Attachment and Implant products. We will continue to add members to the team as we expand into other demographic areas.”

Zila acquires ProDentec

Zila, Inc. has acquired Professional Dental Technologies, Inc. (“ProDentec®”) a privately-held, professional dental products company headquartered in Batesville, Ark. Through its national sales and marketing organization, ProDentec offers, directly to dental professionals, a small suite of proprietary, high-margin dental products that complement Zila’s cancer screening and detection products.

“This acquisition completes Zila’s transformation into a cancer diagnostic company focused initially on oral cancer,” stated Douglas D. Burkett, Ph.D., chairman, chief executive officer, and president of Zila, Inc. “Leveraging ProDentec’s national dental sales force and its compelling continuing education seminar series, will allow us to fully realize the large market potential of ViziLite® Plus and future oral cancer detection products.”

ProDentec focuses on Soft Tissue Management (STM®) oral care products that it sells directly to dental offices through its dedicated national sales force.

“With more than 20 years of operating history exclusively serving dental professionals, ProDentec looks forward with enthusiasm to working with Zila to establish ViziLite Plus as the standard of care for oral cancer screening,” stated William T. Evans, chief executive officer and president of Pro-Dentec.

Zila believes that ProDentec will enable rapid growth of ViziLite Plus while the OraTest regulatory effort is completed, such that following its FDA approval, OraTest will be quickly launched through a capable and growing sales and marketing infrastructure focused on oral cancer detection.

Zila to distribute ViziLite® in the Pacific Rim

Zila, Inc. has acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute ViziLite® in the Pacific Rim from President Medical Technologies, Inc., a Taiwanese company. This transaction completes the evolution of Zila from a licensee of the ViziLite technology, to owner of all ViziLite rights, including the underlying patented technology and worldwide distribution.

“Oral cancer is a prevalent and deadly disease within the Pacific Rim. This transaction paves the way for strategic alliances for the distribution of our cancer detection products within the Pacific Rim. It is our goal to establish ViziLite Plus as the standard of care, not only in dental offices across the United States, but ultimately around the world,” stated Douglas D. Burkett, Ph.D., chairman, chief executive officer, and president of Zila, Inc.

Sunstar Butler transforms into Sunstar

Sunstar Americas, Inc., has completed its corporate identity transition from Sunstar Butler to Sunstar. The company, founded in 1923 as John O. Butler, became part of the Sunstar family in 1988 and had changed its corporate identity to Sunstar Butler in 2003. The change to Sunstar will allow all regions of Sunstar (the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Asia) to operate under a globally-unified corporate identity.

The change in corporate identity is a positive reflection of Sunstar’s rapid global growth. The name change also reflects Sunstar’s dramatic increase in new product innovation, said Dennis Roy, director of professional marketing for Sunstar Americas, Inc. “Since becoming part of Sunstar, the company has introduced a significantly expanded line of innovative preventative care, hygiene supply, pain management, and clinical products. We have grown and changed, and our new corporate identity reflects our global strength and broader product offerings.”

Despite, the corporate name change, Sunstar will maintain the names of its iconic product brands. “We are not changing the Butler® and GUM® brand names, which have a strong heritage, especially among dental professionals,” explained Roy.

Sirona expands Charlotte headquarters

Sirona Dental Systems has expanded its Charlotte, N.C., headquarters. Due largely to the success of its inLab® and CEREC CAD/CAM Systems, the Sirona facility has doubled its square footage from 28,000 to 56,000 square feet.

With the addition of 18 new workstations and 15 new offices that house more than 30 employees, the renovation substantially supports Sirona’s rapid growth as a leader in dental technology. The expansion enables the company to accommodate a total of 70 in-house employees, with 20 of those employees currently dedicated to Sirona’s CAD/CAM technology.

In addition to the new offices and workstations, Sirona was able to add a CAD/CAM Training/Multipurpose Room complete with fully functional lab benches, featuring full CAD/CAM equipment, and capable of hosting seminars for approximately 75 people in classroom-style seating. Also new are an infiniDent Production Center, a CEREC repair room, two conference rooms, a PC training room, an Internet café, and a full kitchen.

“Due to the success of inLab and CEREC, we are happy to say that this expansion is a necessity,” explained Norbert Ulmer, marketing and sales manager for Sirona’s laboratory division. “Sirona is growing because of our expanding and loyal client base of laboratory owners and dental professionals.

Sirona moved to their current location on Sirona Drive in 2003. During that time, they had approximately 35 employees, with only six dedicated to its CAD/CAM technology. Currently, Sirona is staffed with nearly 20 CAD/CAM specialists who are dedicated to the success of Sirona, as well as its clients.

Thailand receives birthday gift from 3M ESPE

In celebration of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 80th birthday, the citizens of Thailand will receive one of the best gifts of all - oral health. The initiative, coordinated through Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health with training and support provided by 3M ESPE, plans to provide complete dentures to 80,000 edentulous patients by 2007.

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Faculty members of several universities and dental schools across Thailand are currently conducting training courses for dental professionals on impression technique for edentulous patients using 3M ESPE products. Training facilities are equipped with Impregum Penta Soft Medium Body Polyether Impression Material and Impregum Penta Medium Body Polyether Impression Material. Dentists also are training on Pentamix 2 Mixing Units, which continue to rotate throughout the country for use in small hospital clinics where patients receive their dentures along with instruction on proper oral health care. In 2006, more than 1,300 dentists in Thailand completed training with the Pentamix 2 mixing units, which continue to rotate throughout the country for use in small hospital clinics where patients receive their dentures along with instruction on proper oral health care.

“We are honored to provide training and support for this initiative,” said Bernd Gangnus, global manager, 3M ESPE. “This is a great example of collaboration to improve the oral health of the people of Thailand.”

Sullivan-Schein reps gather at KaVo

Sullivan-Schein Dental sales group representatives recently spent a few days at KaVo Dental’s Lake Zurich facility to learn about KaVo products. Product focuses included KaVo Air handpieces, electric handpieces, light sources, tubings, and the DIAGNOdent laser caries detection device.

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Instructor Doug Mayer led an intense training curriculum that included PowerPoint presentations and hands-on product training with the support of KaVo Dental Sales Representatives Travis Hale, Bill Adams and Barry Leaver.

KaVo Dental is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental handpieces and equipment for dental practices and laboratories.

Attendees included (not pictured in order): KaVo - Doug Mayer; Travis Hale, Bill Adams, Barry Leaver. Sullivan Schein - Chris Bell, Chaz Froud, Gabe Olson, Rico Lollie, Marc Bouscal, Josh Toppas (seated on BMW), Matt Kessner, Dan Columbo, Mike Garcia, Chance Donnelly, Cindy Salinas, Jay Herring, Michael Konesheck, and Laura Dyer.

ACTEON relocates

ACTEON North America, a part of ACTEON Group, has announced their relocation to a larger facility in Mount Laurel, N.J. The new multi-purpose facility accommodates the company’s continuous growth in the dental and medical industry.

The company’s new address is 124 Gaither Drive, Suite 140, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054. The phone number is (800) 289-6367 and the fax is (856) 222-4726. You may also e-mail the company at [email protected].

Benco Dental named to best workplace list

Benco Dental was recently honored as being among the best places to work in Pennsylvania for the fourth consecutive year. Out of 50 companies classified as “large-sized,” Benco Dental was ranked 28th. To be classified as a large-sized company, a firm must be employ more than 250 employees. Benco Dental employs approximately 1,000 associates (416 in Pennsylvania and the rest in 30 additional states).

“According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Pennsylvania has more than 271,000 employer firms,” said George rable, Benco Dental’s Vice President of Culture & People. “To be named among the top few is something we’re all proud of because it reflects our ongoing commitment to providing employees with a challenging and rewarding work enivronment.”

Air Techniques supports breast cancer battle

From now until Dec. 31, Air Techniques will donate a portion of the proceeds from any sale of any of its dental air compressors and vacuum systems to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Air Techniques has pledged to make a minimum donation of $75,000.

For more information, log on to

Germany community readies for IDS 2007

Before an audience of European trade journalists, Dr. Martin Rickert, chairman of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI), explained that the 32nd IDS - International Dental Show - 2007 in Cologne will be the “global sector meeting place for decision-makers from the dental profession, the field of dental technology, the dental industry and the specialist dental trade.” Thanks to the new construction and modernization at the Cologne exhibition center, IDS 2007 will be the most attractive IDS ever held.

From March 20-24 in Cologne, about 1,600 exhibitors from roughly 50 countries - with 61 percent coming from outside Germany - will be presenting the latest trends and innovations of the international dental market.

At press time, the biggest contingents of registered exhibitors are from Germany, Italy, the United States, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom. Companies from New Zealand, Norway, Egypt, and Andorra will be exhibiting for the first time. The largest of the 19 group participations registered so far are coming from the United States, Korea, Italy, France, and Brazil. Six of the groups will be taking part in IDS for the first time in 2007 - from the United Kingdom, France, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary, and China.

More than 250 first-time exhibitors have registered to take part next year at this platform for the global dental industry. This turnout - combined with the desire of many exhibitors who have taken part in IDS in the past for larger stand areas - will make the next IDS the largest dental fair ever held. The companies are in favor of this expansion because it will further enhance the quality of their stay at the fair and provide more space for information and communication at their stands. The leading international trade fair for dental technology and dental medicine will cover 130,000 square metres in 2007 - in Halls 3.2, 4, 10, and 11. IDS 2005 had a total exhibition space of 107,000 square metres, and the figure for the 2003 fair was 92,000 square metres.

The organisers of IDS - Koelnmesse and the VDDI, represented by its affiliate the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Dental-Industrie mbH - are also expecting a record-breaking visitor turnout. A total of 63,000 trade visitors from 133 countries came to Cologne for the 2003 fair, and 77,500 guests from 165 countries were there in 2005.

Short walking distances at the new and modernized exhibition centre New hall numbering - the former Halls 12.2, 10, 13, and 14 are now Halls 3.2, 4, 10, and 11 - are only among the most visible changes at the Koelnmesse’s new and thoroughly modernized exhibition center. The Boulevard ensures short walking distances between the Halls and offers optimal guidance for visitors. It also serves as an exclusive promenade and artery for services and deliveries that starts at the new Entrance South, which is the gateway to downtown Cologne - and to destinations around the world, as it’s just a stone’s throw from the Köln Messe / Deutz rail station. In addition to the Entrance South, the familiar IDS Entrances East and West have both been rebuilt and renovated.

Dealers’ Day & Lounge, Dental Night, and Speaker’s Corner - Speaker’s Corner, which will be held in Hall 4.1, conveniently close to the Entrance West - IDS will be building on this feature’s successful premiere at the 2005 IDS. On every day of the fair, IDS exhibitors will be presenting new products and processes here. Also returning will be the popular IDS party “Strictly Dental Night,” which will be held on Friday, March 23. And especially for trade dealers from Germany and abroad, IDS 2007 will also offer an Importers’ and Dealers’ Lounge in the Offenbachsaal (Passage 10 / 11). The proven policy of keeping the first day of the fair (March 20) open exclusively to the dental trade and importers will be continued. This “Dealers’ Day” offers participants the opportunity to conduct in-depth sales negotiations without distractions.

For more information on IDS 2007, log on to

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Mydent honors Carl Parker
Andy Parker, chief executive officer of Mydent International, recently honored his father, Carl Parker, for his guidance and leadership over the last 15 years on his 84th birthday. Carl retired in 1991, but has continued to provide priceless insight to Mydent International. Carl was co-founder of Parkell Products, and founder of Carl Parker Associates and Dental Materials Group. He served as a past president of the Dental Manufacturers of America, and held numerous other dental industry positions. He now resides in Boca Raton, Fla., with his long-time partner Mildred Wallach.

FDA Weighing A New Labeling System for Medical and Dental Products in the U.S.

By Fred Freedman, Dental Trade Alliance
In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began considering a new program to identify and label all medical devices in the U.S. This program is known as Unique Device Identification (UDI) and would include most or all dental products for the U.S. market. The FDA says the motivation behind this new program is to protect the public from devices that fail or malfunction. With the growth of private label devices and options for providing health care outside standard delivery systems, including hospitals and practitioners’ offices, the FDA wants patients to contact the original manufacturer in case of malfeasance. This affects nearly all manufacturers, laboratories, and distributors in the U.S. Virtually all dental products are considered medical devices, including dental software.

After a series of meetings and fact-finding investigations, the FDA held a public hearing on the issue of UDI in October 2006 in Gaithersburg, Md., near FDA Headquarters. The FDA invited a variety of government and industry-related groups to provide testimony and engage in a spirited public discussion on this important issue. The general consensus seemed to be that there needs to be a platform that makes device labeling uniform and fair, in the U.S. and throughout the world. Approving a new system that is not accepted in Europe, Asia, and Canada would be difficult and burdensome for manufacturers.

Most of the participants agreed that device identification is essential for large and complicated medical devices or products inserted into the human body. The group agreed on a bar code system for identifying devices with a government-sanctioned Web-based portal that would contain information on all products and their assigned bar codes. Many of the government agencies and other manufacturer representatives argued that the FDA needs to weigh additional factors such as cost when mandating bar codes and the need to exempt products that have little or no risk to the general public.

At the October hearing, the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), an association representing North American manufacturers, distributors, and laboratories, testified that the FDA should proceed slowly with any new bar code identification system. All new regulations should be adopted over at least a five-year period so as not to overwhelm small manufacturers and allow exceptions for most dental products posing minimal risk to the public. The testimony was well received. The FDA then announced it would provide another few weeks to accept comments from additional groups and health-care companies and organizations that would be affected by new rules and regulations.

The FDA has provided an Internet link and additional contact information for interested parties who want to have input or want to monitor the progress of these new initiatives. The FDA and Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) posted the Office of Device Evaluation (ODE) FY 2005 annual report at

Direct contact information is provided through Laura Byrd at (240) 276-4040 or [email protected], Division of Dockets Management HFA-305 Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852. Phone (800) 638-2041, ext. 123 or (240) 276-3150, ext. 123. Fax (240) 276-3151.

In a follow-up article on UDI, there will be additional information on bar coding formats and other proposals for identifying medical devices. As more information from the FDA becomes available on proposed changes to the current system, it will be shared with Proofs readers.