Doing the dance toward a life you love!

March 25, 2005
Have you stopped waltzing about your career? Here are some tips for putting the spark back into your step as a dental hygienist.

by Marcia "Starr" Lambert

The day you were hired at your first job after hygiene school, you were thrilled, dancing around the room. You believed your dream of entering a profession that satisfied your desire to help people and make a decent living -- doing something you enjoyed -- was finally fulfilled. Now the dancing has become more like a trudge, since you've been in the trenches and in the perio pockets awhile. Is there a way rev up the dance and boogie again?

A typical day has you cruising into Starbucks, zooming out with a grande non-fat latte as you crawl through the traffic and the morning. The greater part of your day is spent administering to others, often caring more about them than they care about themselves. You're folded over in intense concentration, neck and shoulders screaming for a break, hands cramping, and certain you're on your way to carpal tunnel syndrome or, at the very least, scoliosis.

Then it's time for lunch, but it's the bank and running errands today. And so it goes until it's quitting time for the day, heading for the gym because you're getting a fat tush from sitting all day. Afterwards, you crawl to the supermarket on hands and knees, ready to eat the cardboard off the display sign in the veggie aisle and opting, instead, for something from the deli, hoping no one sees you, a hygienist, ripping open the cellophane with your teeth. And if there's a spouse, a significant other, pets and/or children, multiply the activity level by the number of mouths to feed and bodies that need clean clothes in the morning.

Where is that person you used to be? The one with a LIFE? Maybe it's time for a re-evaluation. Something you haven't tried lately ... maybe never ... becoming ¿ SELF-CENTERED ... centered in yourself ... INSIDE yourself. Asking yourself what you really want ... finding the passion again; planning something that "juices" you and gives you something to which you can look forward.

Here are three things you can do to waltz back onto the dance floor:

1. Enroll in "Commuter University." Use your car or time back and forth to work to be inspired or learn something new. Listen to a book-on-tape, or something that teaches or inspires you.

2. Vary your food choices at LEAST once per week. If you're stuck in "if it's Tuesday, it's Tuna Casserole Night," try something new on Tuesdays. Boredom is the fastest path to discontent and depression.

3. Take one evening or lunchtime to do something for yourself that has NOTHING to do with work or obligations. Giving yourself away without replenishing your own energy leads to resentment. Don't expect others to know when you are OVER-giving. Only YOU can know that.

The moments that you live in TODAY create your tomorrows and the memories for your yesterdays. Make them worth remembering, and you will ready when the music starts up again.

Next month: "Doing the Dance: part 2 It's More than JUST a Cleaning! Having Your Patients See the Value of Perio Treatment."

Marcia "Starr" Lambert, director of CustomCare, is a marketing consultant for the dental and medical professions. She is also the author of "Living LARGE - NOW! Enjoying a juicy life every day!" her new book dedicated to women waiting for life to happen. Visit and You can reach Starr directly at (877) 892-0659.