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July 1, 2007
Dental museum features bioengineering breakthroughs in new exhibit ...

Dental museum features bioengineering breakthroughs in new exhibit

Bioengineering: Making a New You opened June 16 at The Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore. The exhibit reveals recent breakthroughs in bioengineering with researchers telling museum visitors, “Discover how this emerging science works, what it means for the future of dentistry, and what types of careers could help make it a reality.”

Through interactive displays and hands-on experiments that reveal the science behind the breakthroughs, Bioengineering: Making a New You traces the history of tooth replacement from the ancient Egyptians to today; explores how researchers are using adult stem cells (found in the pulp of baby teeth and adult teeth) to begin growing natural teeth replacements; and reveals how genes inserted into the salivary glands could be used to treat systemic disorders like diabetes.

“Bioengineering: Making a New You showcases innovative research that could ultimately change the face of oral health and the treatment of systemic disease,” said NMD Executive Director Rosemary Fetter, “The National Museum of Dentistry is proud to play a part in educating the public about these important advances in dentistry that will make a significant impact on our lives in years to come.”

Bioengineering: Making a New You is the latest installment of Your Spitting Image series, the first museum exhibition to focus on the cutting-edge research that is changing the face of dentistry. The interactive three-part exhibition also includes Saliva: A Remarkable Fluid and Forensics: Solving Mysteries.

Support for the Your Spitting Image series is provided by Patterson Dental Foundation, Drs. Constance P. and Leslie W. Seldin, and Drs. Lawrence E. John and Robert J. Wilson.

The Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is recognized for innovative exhibits and programs that educate the public about the importance of oral health in a healthy life on site, online, and across the country. The museum is designated by Congress as the official museum of the dental profession in the United States.

The museum's Web site offers a wealth of information about the museum, as well as materials for teachers and activities for children. NMD’s signature online program - - was developed in partnership with the American Dental Association to help children discover the power of a healthy smile.

3M acquires rights to Peridex oral rinse from Zila

3M announced the acquisition of the manufacturing and marketing rights to the Peridex® brand periodontal rinse product from Zila Inc. on May 31 for $9.5 million in cash.

OMNI Preventive Care, a 3M ESPE Company since early 2006, has sold Peridex brand oral rinse to dentists in the United States since 2000.

“Through this acquisition of the Peridex brand, we now own all the rights related to the Peridex business beyond our existing distribution,” said Jeffrey Lavers, division vice president, 3M ESPE. “The full Peridex oral rinse business further strengthens 3M’s preventive dental product line and enables us to continue to deliver even more preventive oral care solutions to dental professionals as they help treat patients with periodontal infections and diseases.”

Peridex 0.12 percent chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse is a prescription mouth rinse that reduces the redness, swelling and bleeding of gums caused by gingivitis.

“3M’s expertise in the dental preventive products industry, along with its research and development, will help continue to build the Peridex brand, which is considered the gold standard in periodontal rinses,” said Frank Bellizzi, DMD, president of Zila Pharmaceuticals Inc.

3M ESPE manufactures and markets more than 2,000 products and services designed to help dental professionals improve their patients' oral health care. 3M Health Care, one of 3M’s six major business segments, provides world-class innovative products and services to help health-care professionals improve the practice and delivery of patient care in medical, oral care, drug delivery and health information markets.

Dental office managers endorse CareCredit program

The American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) recently announced its exclusive endorsement of the CareCredit patient payment program. The AADOM represents dental office managers, sharing information and resources that enable them to grow personally and professionally.

“More than half of our members already offer CareCredit in their practices. They find the program easy to use, with high approval rates. When we were evaluating CareCredit, we discovered just how much the program has supported the dental community over the past 20 years, with education and team support,” stated Heather Colicchio, AADOM president.

In recognition of the office manager’s critical role in a successful dental practice, CareCredit will be supporting the AADOM’s 2007 Office Manager of the Year Award which will be presented during their Annual Conference in October, 2007. More information on the AADOM can be found at

Hu-Friedy raises more than $20,000 for breast cancer

The echo of thousands of Hu-Friedy footsteps floated through Chicago’s Grant Park this past Mother’s Day 2007. Over 100 Hu-Friedy employees, friends, family members, and Chicago dental professionals, including members of the American Association of Women Dentists and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, banded together to walk/run in the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, Race to Empower raising over $20,000 in donations. The Hu-Friedy team met bright and early, and food and festivities added to the race day spirit.

Hu-Friedy and the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization formed a special bond in 2006 when Hu-Friedy created a periodontal promotion, “Inspired by You,” focused towards women in the dental profession. A unique Y-ME scaler was created (featuring pink grips and the Y-ME ribbon), and a donation was made to the Y-ME organization with every offer redeemed.

For the Y-ME Race to Empower, Hu-Friedy pledged to raise $5,000 in donations to be matched by the Saslow family to total up to $10,000. The goal was successfully met and exceeded. Over $20,000 in donations were raised through companywide activities such as a bake sale, raffles and individual participant donation collections. The support of the AAWD and the ADHA was especially instrumental in helping Hu-Friedy reach its goal, with their race teams collecting over $3,000 in donations under the Hu-Friedy name.

Hu-Friedy will continue to support the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization through the sales of their newly designed Y-ME instruments, now permanent fixtures in the Hu-Friedy catalog, as well as through annual participation in Y-ME fundraising events.

Ultradent receives recognition with Utah award

Ultradent Products, Inc. received the 2007 Zions Bank Global Pacesetter Award on May 22. The award was given in conjunction with the Zions Bank International Trade and Business Conference at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Ultradent received the award for its excellence in exporting.

The Zions Bank Global Pacesetter is awarded to a Utah-based company that demonstrates leadership and courage by exploring opportunities in global trade. Ultradent develops and distributes dental products in more than 80 countries. Part of the company’s mission is to raise the level of oral health care internationally through exporting dental products and through sponsorship of a non-profit foundation, The Diversity Foundation, which has donated products and financial assistance to humanitarian efforts on a local and international level.

Attendees included business executives and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about expansion in foreign markets. John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, was one of the speakers at the award ceremony.

CAESY DVD 2007 earns “Best of Show” international honors

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. recently announced recognition for its CAESY DVD 2007 with Best of Show honors in the Society for Technical Communication’s (STC) International Online Communication Competition (IOCC).

“The award is a tribute to CAESY Education Systems’ development of premier patient education technology and enhanced design,” said Patterson Technology Marketing Manager Michelle Anderson.

The award-winning content of CAESY DVD 2007 includes 3-D animations, motion and lighting effects, live-action video and advanced illustrations for diagnosis and treatment of patients’ dental conditions. According to the international judges, “CAESY DVD 2007 separated itself from the pack by seamlessly incorporating video, animation, graphics and audio in a compelling and easily understandable package, and presenting the overall dental-related topics in a comprehensive, thorough manner.”

The STC is the largest individual membership technical communication organization in the world. Eighteen thousand STC members participate in regular educational opportunities, professional networking and forums to address issues concerning technical communication. Past winners in the competition include noteworthy organizations such as IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, the U.S. Air Force and Kodak.