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Chairside Impact: GINGICaine Fusion Prefilled Syringes

March 20, 2023
Two major factors impacting the quality of care are a dental professional's clinical skill and the ability to maintain patient comfort. GINGICaine is a powerful topical anesthesia that's easy to use and affordable.

As dental professionals, “quality care” comprises two major components: clinical skill and the ability to maintain patient comfort. Many solutions are available to successfully manage patient pain caused by hygiene instrumentation; some situations warrant the administration of local anesthesia, while others require a less invasive topical option. When powerful topical anesthesia is desired, many clinicians prefer Gingi-Pak’s GINGICaine 20% benzocaine prefilled syringes for patient satisfaction, ease of use, and affordability.

Dental fear and anxiety affect a significant portion of the general population. A study published in 2016 stated that “anxiety is often closely linked to painful stimulus and increased pain perception, and thus these patients experience more pain that lasts longer; moreover, they also exaggerate their memory of pain.”1 When a person’s anticipation of pain exceeds their perceived limit, it may result in a variety of emotional, physiological, or behavioral responses and ultimately keeps them away from the dental office.

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Many patients are unaware that topical anesthetic options exist for hygiene procedures, creating an opportunity for practitioners to increase education and offer products that will enhance patient comfort and pain relief. Since GINGICaine is easily applied without any pokes or pricks, many patients are enthusiastic about using it for a variety of procedures that may otherwise leave them anxiously gripping the armrests of the hygiene chair. Once applied, clinicians can expect anesthetic onset within 15-20 seconds and continued pain relief for up to 30 minutes. The gel’s tasty strawberry flavor is sure to please, too!

Some topical anesthetics require a cotton-tipped applicator to retrieve and haphazardly slather gel around the target area, while others are packaged in single-use cartridges that drip runny product all over the patient’s mouth. GINGICaine overcomes these issues by housing a thick, flowable, 20% benzocaine gel inside a syringe that allows the clinician to control the rate of distribution, dosage, and precise application. The microneedle applicator tips are capable of depositing gel in tight, curvaceous gingival margins, as well as deep, hard-to-reach subgingival pockets. The consistency of the gel allows the anesthetic agent to remain in the intended area for a long period of time, preventing the need to continuously reapply. Practitioners also appreciate the resealable Luer-lock cap provided with the syringe. The syringe can be disinfected and used with a new disposable tip for the next procedure.

Some topical anesthetics can be expensive, which can affect the clinician’s ability to use them. To conserve single-use cartridges and their disposable parts, a hygienist may ultimately opt to use a weaker, cheaper topical option or, in some cases, injectable local anesthesia that is not particularly suitable for the specific patient or procedure. Many professionals are surprised to learn that GINGICaine offers high-quality anesthetic and applicators in a generous supply at an affordable, competitive price. This allows the clinician to choose the appropriate anesthetic product for their patient without worrying about the cost of purchasing more. And since the applicator is resealable, less product wasted means fewer dollars wasted.

Every patient’s oral health is unique—as are their comfort needs, perception of pain, and response to varying anesthetics. It is important for the dental hygienist to provide multiple options to ease discomfort and anxiety, ensuring the most positive patient experience. GINGICaine prefilled syringes are a clinical hygiene essential preferred by both providers and their patients. When simplicity and satisfaction are desired, GINGICaine is a weapon you need in your anesthetic arsenal. 

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1. Appukuttan DP. Strategies to manage patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia: literature review. Clin Cosmet Investig Dent. 2016;8:35-50. doi:10.2147/CCIDE.S63626

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