Product Report

Product Report

Healthywhite Floss

Listerine recently released a brand of flosses tailored for specific dental needs. The Listerine flosses include Cool Mint, Ultraclean, Healthy White, Gentle Gum Care, and the UltraClean Access Flosser. UltraClean and Healthy White feature the company's Micro-Groove technology that uses a shred-resistant floss to slide easily between teeth.



MD Brushrecently launched its MD Brush toothbrush that was specifically developed by a dentist and a hygienist to target the gingival sulcus. Dr. Michael Smith and Michael Davidson, RDH, designed the toothbrush to encourage patients to use the modified Bass technique while brushing. The patented W-cut tapered bristles fall into the correct 45-degree alignment.


Denburtabletop Dispenser

Denbur recently introduced its tabletop dispenser, the Single-Take. The dispenser has no turning knobs and no buttons to push. Instead, the operator presses down with the wrist or arm onto the pod that contains the applicators. In addition, the chute design of Single-Take ensures that the thumb does not touch the countertop when picking up an applicator. The maximum capacity of the pod is 150 applicators.

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Beam Technologies recently launched its Beam sonic toothbrushes that feature built-in Bluetooth that can be used as a controller to play games or scroll through social media. More importantly, the brush interacts with the Beam application for timing brushing techniques as well as notifications for when children brush. The toothbrush comes in three colors - blue, pink, and chartreuse.


Disposa Bib Holders

Hager Worldwiderecently released its Disposa-Bib Holders, which are single-use patient bib holders made of soft, silk-like fiber. The Disposa-bib holders are 20 inches in length and available in pink and blue colors.

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