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Sharpening cards have three grits: Another product protects tooth shades

June 12, 2015
Hu-Friedy's Diamond Sharpening Cards provide a great new option in sharpening. 


Diamond Sharpening Cards

Hu-Friedy's Diamond Sharpening Cards provide a great new option in sharpening. These 2" x 3" stainless steel cards are coated on one side with very small industrial-grade diamonds, which creates a very hard, flat, abrasive sharpening surface. The sharpening card is available in three grit choices:

  • Extra fine - enhances and refines an already sharp instrument
  • Fine - perfect for maintenance sharpening on slightly dull instruments
  • Medium - reconditions and restores the instrument edge

The more abrasive cards are simply embedded with slightly larger diamonds, which sharpen more quickly. These cards can be used dry or with water. Oil is not needed for lubrication.


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Cleanup is easy; just drop the card into the ultrasonic cleaner or scrub with a soft brush under running water and add it to your cassette or sterilization pouch. Steam sterilization may result in some minor discoloration or mottling but will not affect the card's performance.

Use this card with standard sharpening techniques. For a great review on sharpening, talk to your dealer about Diamond Sharpening Cards and ask for a copy of Hu-Friedy's "It's about time" sharpening manual/DVD, or view the modules on YouTube.

Infinitely White Tooth Shade Protectant

Centrix Oral Health recently announced Infinitely White Tooth Shade Protectant. This clear microcrystalline barrier helps maintain a bright smile between whitening treatments. Patients can simply swipe on the tooth shade protectant every morning before eating or drinking. Infinitely White creates a barrier with microcrystalline wax, sealing the tooth surface and preventing the adhesion of staining agents such as coffee, wine, berries, tea, tobacco, and red sauces.

Centrix Oral Health is committed to using high quality ingredients that result in a smooth, undetectable texture, easy application, superior protection, and a refreshing peppermint taste. The barrier lasts about two hours and can be reapplied as needed. Infinitely White also comes in grab-and-go "minis." Each pocket-size container has 32 easy-to-use single applications.

To order, visit www.infinitelywhite.com or call 855-494-4831 for more information.

Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Manufactured by Whip Mix, Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer was favored 3 to 1 over the leading liquid hand sanitizer by your colleagues in a blind study.

Preference kills 99.9% of the most common germs associated with cross-contamination. Fast drying in about 10 seconds, this liquid-based formula leaves skin soft and supple, which helps gloves slide on. The added emollients moisturize and protect the skin. Preference comes in pump bottles of 32 oz. and 16 oz. Visit www.whipmix.com to order a sample, and call 800-626-5651 for more information.

Have you tried Livionex Dental Gel?

Manufactured and researched in the Silicon Valley, Livionex Dental Gel uses activated edathamil to safely and effectively clean teeth by reducing plaque adhesion to teeth. According to the manufacturer, Livionex virtually eliminates plaque and delivers results that no other toothpaste has been able to achieve. The activated edathamil breaks the bond between the teeth and biofilm, reaching interproximal and marginal areas.

In his December 2014 article in RDH magazine called "The evolution of plaque removal," Peter L. Jacobsen, PhD, DDS, said, "The scientists at Livionex have succeeded in finding a way to activate the FDA-approved, food-safe chelator, edathamil, so that the negative charges of the chelator are masked. This allows the edathamil to penetrate into the biofilm and reduce the calcium levels in the plaque fluid. The activated edathamil, in the form of a dental gel, is brushed on like any other toothpaste and strategically disrupts the calcium levels in the biofilm, resulting in a dramatic reduction in plaque."

In a study conducted at the Beckman Laser Institute of UC Irvine, Livionex was compared to the leading anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis FDA- and ADA-approved toothpaste. The results:

• 260% reduction in plaque index

• 229% reduction in gingivitis index

• 232% reduction in periodontal bleeding index

Livionex nonfoaming Dental Gel does not contain polychloro phenoxy phenol or other bioactive chemicals. It is free of gluten, SLS, triclosan, glycerin, and sugar, and safe for children (under supervision) and pets.

Livionex is effective and safe, which makes it a good choice for all dental patients, and those with home-care challenges will achieve better results for their efforts. It's a great option for patients who are concerned about chemical additives in their products, as well as those in orthodontic treatment, active periodontal therapy, or periodontal maintenance. To learn more about Livionex, visit www.livionexdental.com.

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