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A dentist’s envy

June 2, 2018
Dr. Chris Salierno explains why he is always impressed by the RDH Under One Roof conference.
Dental Economics editor comments on what impresses him about RDH Under One Roof

By Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor, Dental Economics

I must admit that I am incredibly jealous of you. I’ve been to more dental conferences than I can remember, but I don’t recall any of them being as fun as RDH Under One Roof. What is it about this event that keeps hygienists coming back in record numbers every year? What is the secret sauce that creates an experience that is as emotional as it is educational? Whatever it is, we need to bottle it up and sell it to boring dental conferences.

Perhaps it’s the comprehensive course offerings. I’ve seen just about every possible clinical, professional, and personal development subject covered at an RDH UOR. Hygienists have been rallied by inspirational speakers. They’ve gotten lasers in their hands to operate on pig jaws. They’ve been awakened to silent epidemics that have been plaguing their patients back home.

Or, maybe the secret is the networking. Some hygienists have built their professional networks by keeping in touch with colleagues they’ve met at an RDH UOR. They’ve met their speaking idols and now regularly correspond on social media. They’ve created a consulting or speaking career of their own by rubbing elbows with hygiene company leadership.

Well, we also have to consider the entertainment. Evening theme parties, flash mobs, and games at the exhibitor fairs put permanent grins on the faces of RDH UOR attendees. There never seems to be a dull moment over the three days of festivities.

If you’ve never attended RDH Under One Roof, then my words will do it no justice. This is genuinely one of those things you have to see to believe. There is no other event in dentistry that could be compared to it.

So, yeah, I’m a bit envious that dentists can’t have the same incredible experience that you can.

We’re in a Golden Age for RDH Under One Roof. A dynasty. There is such increasing momentum and excitement for this event every year that I have every confidence the Golden Age will last for a long time.

But you shouldn’t wait a long time to attend your first one. This August 1-3, hygienists from around the country (and Canada!) will get supercharged about patient care. New friends will meet, and old friends will reunite. The Gaylord National Resort in Maryland will be teeming with the best and brightest in the hygiene profession. You should be a part of it.