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April 1, 2001
A recent survey of dental professionals reveals that over 50 percent find that plaque disclosants are too messy.

Survey says ...

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A recent survey of dental professionals reveals that over 50 percent find that plaque disclosants are too messy. However, 91 percent of the respondents would consider using a paint-on disclosant.

Beutlich Pharmaceuticals has developed an easy-to-use, paint-on, single-use plaque disclosant. DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution Dry Handle Swabs are neat and easy to use. Each dry handle swab is individually packaged and contains a cotton swab saturated with .25 ml of red, nontoxic dye. This unit dosage allows for easy application while eliminating the mess of tablets and liquids.

The study further revealed that 91 percent of responding dental professionals would consider recommending a disclosant for patient home use. DISCLOSE® Dry Handle Swabs are the perfect choice, for it highlights plaque on tooth surfaces that have not been properly cleaned. This shows patients where to improve their brushing, interdental cleaning, and flossing techniques.

DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution is a perfect adjunct for oral-hygiene instruction in the dental office or at home. Packaged in dispensing boxes of 100, DISCLOSE® Plaque Disclosing Solution Dry Handle Swabs can be ordered from your local dental dealer.

For more information, contact Beutlich Pharmaceuticals at (800) 238-8542 or visit

Disposable angles in bulk packages

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Dental Resources is packaging its disposable angle in bulk boxes of 1,200 angles. These American-made angles have four different cup designs, a metal-like polycarbonate stem, prelubricated gears, and a high torque gear ratio. This is an excellent angle now in bulk for less than 28 cents each. For more information or free samples, call Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276.

XYLIFLOSS? dental flosser

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XYLIFLOSS®, a new patented dental flosser that provides a safe, fast, and comfortable way to floss teeth, was recently introduced to the North American market by XYLIFLOSS Ltd.

XYLIFLOSS® is an innovative product that will change the way people floss forever. XYLIFLOSS® makes the use of dental floss easy and fast, and the special design ensures hygienic use of dental floss.

This dental-care product is said to be the only flosser available with a self-adjusting tension mechanism that makes flossing quick and easy. XYLIFLOSS® is easy to use, with simple operating instructions on the back of the package. It is available in five different colors, and is attractively packaged and priced.

XYLIFLOSS® is a self-contained, hygienic dental flosser that eliminates the need to wrap an excess amount of floss around your fingers. Each unit contains 16 yards of dental floss, good for more than 200 uses - many more than the standard floss container.

For more details, call (847) 781-3222 or visit

Erkoform RVE
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The Erkoform RVETM can produce soft or hard nightguards, multilaminated mouthguards, custom trays, or bleaching trays. No air supply is needed - just plug it into a 110V outlet and the unit is ready to use in the dentist's in-house lab. The unit is German-made and uses state-of-the-art thermoforming technology.

For additional information, call Glidewell Direct at (888) 303-3975 or visit

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Tandem Oral Care, Inc. introduces TandemTM Floss & Fluoride 1.1% NaF dental cream in the 1.8-oz. size, plus 25 yards floss in its patented FlossCapTM. It takes two to fight decay, sensitivity, and plaque, and TandemTM Floss & Fluoride does that. Increase patient compliance by putting floss at your patients' fingertips and eliminate the single, biggest reason patients do not floss - they forgot. Reduce plaque formation, relieve hypersensitivity, and protect against adult caries with clinically proven, maximum-strength 5000 ppm fluoride - a good replacement for your regular toothpaste for daily treatment and cleaning. TandemTM helps double up against gum disease - convenient FlossCapTM is a constant reminder to floss and Fluoride improves tooth resistance to acid dissolution and the neutral pH is safe for all restorations.

For more information, contact Tandem Oral Care, Inc. at (800) 227-8507.

Duraflor® 5% Fluoride Varnish

Medicom, Inc.® introduces Duraflor® 5% Fluoride Varnish in a new, convenient, unit-dose application. Each premeasured unit-dose contains 0.5 ml of 5% fluoride varnish, along with a disposable brush. Duraflor® is recommended for use with dentinal hypersensitivity. Duraflor® will save dental professionals time and money while increasing patient comfort (one adult application per unit-dose).

Duraflor® is easy and simple to use! Just paint-on the thick varnish and it dries immediately (even in the presence of saliva). The product will remain in place up to eight hours, allowing maximum fluoride uptake. Studies have indicated your patients will be free of hypersensitivity for up to six months.

Duraflor® is packaged in a box of 16 unit-dose applications, along with instructions for use. Medicom, Inc.® developed the product and it is made available through all dental distributors. Contact your local dealer to place your order.

For product information, call Medicom, Inc.® at (800) 435-9267 or visit

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Developed by a dentist for his own practice, Pillo'BeansTM support pillows combine the fluid-like characteristics of lightweight, polystyrene beads with a soft, easy-to-clean covering of durable four-way stretch nylon fabric. The headrest pillow supports and stabilizes the head and neck. The backrest pillow supports the back and lumbro-sacral spine.

When body weight is applied to the pillow, the fabric stretches in all directions and the filling flows within it to automatically adjust to the patient's body contours. The result is a relaxing custom fit for each patient, regardless of body type or physical limitations.

Install one of the Pillo'BeansTM today to show your patients that you care about their comfort.

For more information, contact DESIGN 2000, LLC, Pillo'Beans Dental Division, 4730 E. Indian School Rd. #120, Phoenix, AZ 85018, call (602) 230-5237, or visit

Proxi-Tip? pocket traveler

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The new Pocket Traveler offers something no other dental product offers today: a complete interdental care system that is designed to provide thorough interdental cleaning with a unique assortment of replaceable tips, all in one convenient product. The Proxi-Tip®, Proxi-PikTM, Perio-Brush, and Inter-Brush/Adapter store in the handle.

For a free sample and pricing information, contact AIT Dental, Inc. at (800) 876-4620.

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KaVo's new environmentTM posture-pedic dentist and assistant stools offer maximum comfort, stability, and support. The design of these ultra-comfortable stools virtually eliminates fatigue, resulting from improper working positions. As a result, treatment is more efficient.The environmentTM stools conform to the operator's individual anatomy by employing a number of ergonomically engineered features. The backrest and seat are anatomically contoured to support the spine exactly where required. Available in Vacuform vinyl or luxurious Ultraleather HPTM upholstery in a wide selection of colors, the environmentTM stools are built to last. The durable casters roll smoothly on carpeted or tiled floors.

A complete brochure of features and information is available from KaVo America Inc. at (888) TRY KaVo or visit

3-i-1 intraoral examination pak

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i-pakTM system is designed for improving efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating sterilization costs and cross-contamination between patients. It includes a disposable dental mirror and a disposable double-end dental probe and explorer in a sealed package. The mirror has antifog coating for noninterference reflection. The probe is marked universal style and tapered with a round end that is safe for use on titanium implants. The explorer is made with high-grade stainless steel to provide maximum strength for examinations. The stem of both tools is made with ultra-light material to enhance the handgrip and to prevent fatigue during dental procedures. The i-pakTM is good for high-risk patients and off-site visits.

For additional information, call Applied Dental, Inc. at (888) 841-8481.

Touch-Less® Soap Dispenser offer

To help provide an even higher standard of infection control, Sultan Chemists offers its ultra-hygienic, new Touch-Less® Soap Dispenser free with the purchase of four gallons of LYSOL® I.C.TM Antimicrobial Soap.This safe, clean, and convenient soap dispenser eliminates contact with contaminated surfaces, exposure to germs, and messy wash areas by dispensing cleaning liquids, such as LYSOL® I.C.TM Antimicrobial Soap, when its infrared sensor detects the presence of a hand. Its sleek design makes it perfect for countertop use or wall mounting. LYSOL® I.C.TM Antimicrobial Soap has an exclusive, nondrying formula and a pleasant scent that's perfect for frequent hand-washing. It is supplied in convenient one-gallon bottles and handy 17.5-oz. prefilled pumps.

For more information, call your dental dealer or contact Sultan at (800) 637-8582 or visit online at

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LavaDerma Professional Skin Care introduces VELADERMTM Professional Handwash Lotion. The lotion cleans and keeps the skin healthy and has antimicrobial activity to protect both the doctor and the patient.

The work-related frequent handwashing with lipid-depleting detergents is the single major cause of hand problems among dentists and their staff. This lotion cleans with urea instead of lipid-depleting detergents.

VELADERMTM Professional Handwash Lotion is provided in 500 ml/16 fl. oz. dispenser bottles.

For more information, contact LavaDerma Professional Skin Care by e-mail at [email protected] or visit

Junior toothbrush pack

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j-pak is a toothbrush pack that is designed for children under the age of 8. Each pack contains a compact junior toothbrush with extra-soft bristles, a toy brush cap to protect the brush head, and a hang loop with nametag.

Each box contains 50 packs, four designs assorted.

For additional information, contact Applied Dental, Inc. at (888) 841-8481.

FLEXO? Saliva Ejectors

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FLEXO® Saliva Ejectors, from Bosworth Company, are available now in an expanded color range. Available in blue, yellow, green, and red, FLEXO® maintains its shape and features a safe end that prevents tissue pull. A reinforced plastic barrel will not collapse when bent to maintain a nonrestricted suction flow. FLEXO® Saliva Ejectors are packaged in bags of 100.

For more details, contact Bosworth Company at (800) 323-4352, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Hu-Friedy announces 'Three for All' promotion

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The "Three for All" promotion, available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers, runs through April 30.

Hu-Friedy quality products in this promotion are: Hu-Friedy Pres-idential® Forceps, Elevators, Needle Holders, Perma Sharp® Sutures, Orthodontic Cutters and Pliers, and Enzymax® Ultrasonic Detergent.

For complete details on the "buy three, get one free" promotion, contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer representative or call (800) HU-FRIEDY.