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Product Report

Dec. 1, 2002
In one year, power toothbrushes have boosted toothbrush sales by 25 percent.

New gel turns electric brush into power whitener

In one year, power toothbrushes have boosted toothbrush sales by 25 percent. As a response to this increased demand, Rembrandt Oral Care Products introduces Rembrandt Power Brush Whitening Gel™, the first toothpaste to turn electric toothbrushes into power whitening brushes. It is specially formulated for electric toothbrushes, and developed to maximize the appliance's efficiency.

Designed to address the unique needs of electric toothbrushes, the gel will not slip from the moving head. Its staying-power enhances the superior whitening and oral hygiene benefits provide by electric toothbrushes. Power Brush's dental peroxide removes stain and plaque, whitening the actual color of the tooth, while its fluoride fights cavities and gum disease.

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Safe and great-tasting, Power Brush Whitening Gel is available in a 2.6-oz. tube at a suggested retail price of $6.99 at drug and mass merchandisers, and at For more information, call (800) 548-3663 or visit

The protection you need

Denti-Care Dual Rinse provides a greater enamel solubility reduction than does treatment with APF or SnF2 alone. Acidulated phosphate fluoride 1.24 percent provides a refreshing flavor, which upon dilution, yields 0.31 percent fluoride ion at a pH of 3.0 to 4.0, and a 1.64 percent stannous fluoride solution in a non-aqueous base that provides 0.41 percent stannous fluoride when diluted with water.

Denti-Care Dual Rinse is pleasantly sweetened with Xylitol. When combined, they form a rinse system for office use to aid in the protection against caries and the remineralization of tooth surfaces. Denti-Care Dual Rinse may be administered to both adults and children. Metered pumps provide ease of administration. Denti-Care Dual Rinse is available in the following flavors —berry (10036-BK), mint (10036-MK), and fruit punch (10036-FPK), in 2-L bottles with 0.25-oz. metered dispensing pumps and measuring cup.

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Medicom, Inc. developed the product and is available through all dental distributors. Please contact your local dealer to place your order. For product information, call (800) 361-2862 or visit

Proxi-Tip® Pocket Traveler

The Proxi-Tip® Pocket Traveler offers something no other dental product offers today — a complete interdental care system that is designed to provide thorough interdental cleaning with a unique assortment of replaceable tips, all in one convenient product. The Proxi-Tip, Proxi-Pik™, Perio-Brush, and InterBrush/Adapter store in the handle.

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For a free sample and pricing information, call AIT Dental at (800) 876-4620.

Next generation floss introduced by Gore

The case for flossing: No more excuses! The folks at W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., think they've removed the final barrier to regular flossing with the national introduction of GLIDE® Floss Comfort Plus. Company research shows consumers don't floss for many reasons, but chief among them is the perceived difficulty and pain sometimes associated with flossing.

That "pain" comes from snapping traditional floss between tightly spaced teeth and into the gum line, which can cause the bleeding and pain sometimes associated with flossing — not to mention the inconvenience and wasted time of shredded floss, which requires a new piece to finish the job. The new product's soft and wide construction makes it easy to grip and comfortable for both the fingers and gums. For users who have difficulty controlling traditional floss — including the elderly, the very young, and the physically challenged — these attributes ensure that the floss can be painlessly wrapped around the fingers and gently maneuvered between the teeth.

GLIDE Floss Comfort Plus, made from a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) monofilament (MFA1), is compressible and has a low coefficient of friction. Unlike nylon, these attributes ensure that the product slides easily between tightly spaced teeth without shredding.

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W.L. Gore & Associates offers an array of products to the dental floss market, including GLIDE Floss, GLIDE Tape, GLIDE Floss Holder, GLIDE Threader Floss, and GLIDE Floss Picks. For a complete listing, visit

VeraCam™ LED intraoral camera

The VeraCam™ LED intraoral camera provides crystal-clear images at the touch of a button. There are no fiberoptic bundles, heavy cords, awkward connections, or bulky external light sources. Quick connection allows room-to-room portability. The LED light, optics, and electronics have been optimized for exceptional image resolution.

VeraCam provides an image quality comparable to cameras costing twice as much, yet is uniquely easy to use. The operator can move from single tooth to quadrant, to full-arch, to full-face views; and from single-frame to quad-image display quickly and easily. Single or quad images can then be printed, if desired. Calibration is not required and the simple design virtually eliminates maintenance and repair issues. Disposable sheaths provide barrier protection.

With VeraCam, dentists have a quick and easy way to illustrate the need for dental procedures while the patient is in the chair. It offers a low-cost way to increase practice revenues. VeraCam will return many times its modest investment.

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The VeraCam intraoral camera is manufactured in the United States, and is available through authorized dental dealers. For more information, call (631) 754-7178 or visit

Soft-Ease flavored X-ray pockets

Soft-Ease X-ray film foam pockets are flavored to enhance patient comfort by diverting patient gagging response as well as by cushioning tori projections, irregular mouth shapes, and mouth sores. They hold and help protect the X-ray film, creating better diagnostic quality, yet the film can slip easily in and out of the pocket.

Use of the durable pockets is economical — one pocket can be used for an entire FMX. They can be used easily with X-ray holders such as bite wing tabs, Rinn holders, Snap-a-Ray, etc.

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Soft-Ease are available in adult and pedo size, and different flavors — vanilla, bubblegum, wintergreen, and raspberry. Samples are available. Call K-Stat Lab at (702) 262-1044.

Scented Toasty Bears relax your patients

Designed to calm patients before and after treatment, the 15-inch Toasty Bear is covered in soft plush and filled with flax seed and a nine-herb aroma blend. Available colors are blue, blond, mocha, and vanilla as well as a blue rabbit. All may be heated in the microwave, are suitable for patients aged three and older, and may be easily cleaned and dried.

The newest additions to this wonderful family include a 15-inch cinnamon-scented bear, a 15-inch lavender-scented "angel" bear, an 8-inch coffee-scented bear, and an 8-inch lavender-scented bear. (Please do not microwave 8-inch bears.) They all fill the air with their wonderful fragrance, and also make great gifts.

The 15-inch bears are priced at $38.95, plus S&H of $8 on the first bear, and $2 for each additional; the 8-inch bears are $11.95, plus S&H of $2 for first bear and $1 each additional. California residents add 8.25% tax.

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Send check or money order to RDH Productions, P.O. Box 1693, Morgan Hill, CA 95038; or pay through PayPal to [email protected].

Home-care fluorides from Dental Resources

Dental Resources is manufacturing a complete line of home-care fluorides for a great variety of patient needs. The fluoride product line includes stannous fluoride rinses and gels for heavy caries patients, neutral sodium fluoride gels and rinses for patients with composite or porcelain restorations, plus desensitizing fluoride agents for generalized pain relief.

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For more information on the complete line, or for product samples, call (800) 328-1276.

Professional tartar and stain remover

Premier Dental Products Company has introduced Pro Clean™, a professional-strength tartar and stain remover for dentures, partials, retainers, and night guards.

Premier reports that two out of three dentists participating in a pre-market survey indicated that they prefer the professional-strength Pro Clean over their present product. A pleasant mint scent appeals to the senses, and it is the perfect complement to improved efficacy when cleaning patients' appliances as a courtesy during the hygiene appointment.

Pro Clean is easy to use in the office and can be dispensed as a practice builder for patient in-home use. Each box contains 25 single-use packets and is economically priced to cost less than $1.40 per use.

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Available through authorized dental dealers. Samples available upon request from Premier Dental Products Company at (888) 773-6872.

On-demand, positive-pressure mobile O2

The on-demand, positive-pressure oxygen system, from SAV-A-LIFE Systems, is designed to provide 100-percent oxygen to a breathing or nonbreathing patient in an emergency situation. The regulator is designed to function in either on-demand/positive-pressure or fixed-flow mode. This system is equipped to provide up to 11.3 hours of continuous-flow oxygen with 12 variable fixed-flow settings through a transparent mask that fits easily on the patient.

The "E" cylinder is produced from high-strength aluminum for durability, but still remains lightweight for mobility. The cart is made of chrome-plated steel tubing for stability. The system includes filled oxygen tank, cart, regulator, on-demand valve, six feet of tubing and mask for demand system, and five feet of tubing with an anatomical clear mask for fixed-flow use. Tubing and masks only need to be changed on the patient, as fixed-flow and on-demand tubes can be attached to the regulator simultaneously.

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Call SAV-A-LIFE Systems, Inc., in Fort Wayne, Ind., at (800) 933-5885 for information and pricing.

Sultan adds Fun Pak™ to prophy paste

Sultan Dental Products just made prophy paste more fun — introducing new Topex® FunPak™ prophy paste!

The new Fun Pak contains three exciting new flavors — Really Raspberry™, CinnaMint™, and Root Beer Float™ — available in medium and coarse grits. Like all great Topex prophy pastes, the new flavors contain 1.23 percent fluoride ion and combine the perfect blend of polishing and cleaning agents to handle all your patients' needs. Its nonspatter formula keeps it where you want it — on the teeth, not all over your office!

Fun Paks contain 200 disposable unit cups per package that eliminate cross-contamination, while color-coded tops and easy-to-read labels make all Topex prophy pastes quick and easy to use. Each box contains two free Upgrade® non-latex disposable prophy angles and one autoclavable prophy cup ring. Plus, take advantage of Sultan's economical buy one, get one free offer!

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To place an order or for more information, call your dealer, Sultan Dental Products at (800) 238-6739, or visit

New Camera Caps convert intraoral cameras

Flow X-ray Corporation introduces Camera Caps — turning your ordinary intraoral camera into a digital image capture device for only pennies per patient! Camera Caps quickly and easily attach to most intraoral cameras, masking the high-intensity lights while leaving an aperture for the camera lens. Simply attach your Camera Cap, point your camera at a conventional radiograph mounted on a lighted viewbox, and you have a digitized image!

Add a video capture card to your intraoral camera, and your X-ray images can be stored or transmitted via your computer — a great tool for diagnosis and treatment planning!

Camera Caps come in easy-to-use dispenser rolls of 200 caps, and cost less than 7 cents each.

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For more information, call your local dealer, Flow X-ray Corporation at (800) 356-9729, or visit