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  • Volume 41, Issue 5 (May 2021)
  • Volume 41, Issue 5 (May 2021)

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    Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

    Experiencing TMD? Why it’s important to seek a diagnosis

    After returning to practice during the pandemic, many hygienists developed TMD or experienced worsening symptoms. Ann-Marie DePalma shares how our colleagues are coping and why...
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    Career & Profession

    5 steps to standing out during your job search

    May 17, 2021
    Some 70,000 dental hygienists could be job searching this year. These steps can help you win out your competition.
    Alicia Murria, MSc, RDH, (right) and Tiffany Harrison, RDH, Hygienists For Humanity strategic partnership liaison, (left) make care packages for vulnerable communities.

    RCC Spotlight: Hygienists for Humanity

    Hygienists for Humanity “angels” connect underserved communities and those experiencing homelessness with oral hygiene products and services. Find out how you can become an angel...
    Courtesy of Oral Cancer Consulting, obtained through Jessica Wuerch Morgan, RDH
    A melanoma lesion on the top of a patient's head (left). Closure of the surgical area on the patient's scalp after Moh's surgery to remove the melanoma and clear margins (left).

    Skin cancer screening: A dental hygienist's life-saving responsibility

    Author and cancer survivor Susan Cotten knows firsthand the impact of detecting cancer early. Hygienists are in a unique position to screen for skin cancer; it just takes one ...
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    Creating a functional, low-stress workspace

    Even young dental professionals are shocked to see how quickly a poorly designed workspace destroys their bodies. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    More content from Volume 41, Issue 5 (May 2021)

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    Infection Control

    Is your practice overlooking this important step in the infection control process?

    Infection control is still on everyone's mind. Michelle Strange sheds light on a step often missed.
    Career & Profession

    3 surprising ways to streamline your workflow

    The pandemic and scientific advances in oral health have left hygienists with more to do than ever. Seasoned clinician Amanda Hill, RDH, shares three ways she made her days easier...
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    Career & Profession

    Dental hygienists: Rise to the occasion

    It's for their love of the dental hygiene profession that many hygienists have found new, or expanded upon existing, passions during the last year. The profession is better for...
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    Career & Profession

    The DSO Hygiene Excellence Diplomat Program: Dental/medical synergy

    The role of dental hygienists in achieving a state of oral health has always been essential, and we must take a step forward in accepting our role as a frontline life-saving health...
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    Preserving your hands in dental hygiene

    Hand health is paramount to staying active in dental hygiene. But that isn't always easy. Here are some common problems and how to combat them.
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    Daniel Fine, 1994

    Melanoma: Daniel’s story

    Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer. Dental hygienists are in the perfect position to help prevent tragedies such as the loss of Daniel Fine.
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    Career & Profession

    2021 Heart to Hands Award

    The Philips/RDH Heart to Hands Award is presented to three outstanding hygienists who love their profession. Let's meet the 2021 winners.