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  • Volume 43, Issue 7 (August 2023)
  • Volume 43, Issue 7 (August 2023)

    Dental hygienists can play a role in detecting cancer.
    Patient Care

    How periodontal probing can help detect cancer

    When myelodysplastic syndrome disorders arrived very close to home, it stressed the importance of periodontal probing and charting for this hygienist—who admits she hasn't always...
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    Patient Care

    What to look for in a true oral-systemic dental practice

    Patients deserve a hygienist who is informed about how oral conditions manifest systemically. Here are some expressions of systemic diseases that look like oral problems.
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    Patient Care

    Chairside Impact: The benefits of ultrasonic instrumentation

    Dental hygienists need to understand their equipment's capabilities and limitations. When it comes to scaling, ultrasonics are the superior choice.
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    Patient Care

    How to polish like a pro

    Are you guilty of making any of these common polishing mistakes? We've got solutions!
    Rcc Influencer Britt Glauz
    RDH Community Connections

    A search for inspiration led Britt Glauz to influence thousands

    When her search for career mentors on social media proved disappointing, Britt Glauz took the initiative and is now herself inspiring thousands of her peers on her many social...

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    The lifesaving effects of nitric oxide

    Aug. 22, 2023
    Learn why Holly Moons considers nitric oxide (NO) "the 'wizard' putting on the greatest show in mammalian physiology"—and how its use can change the trajectory of systemic diseases...
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    Patient Care

    Intuitive patient care: Humans helping humans

    Treating dental patients in a postpandemic world is challenging, but intuition—focusing more on relationships and less on the minor details of the visit—can give clinicians a ...
    Rdh Editor's Note (9)
    Career & Profession

    Editor's note: Always remember kindness

    When there's a choice to be made, choose being nice—including to yourself.
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    Career & Profession

    Is a prophy without a comprehensive exam ethical—or even legal?

    For insurance or other reasons, patients sometimes don't want a comprehensive exam. But the consequences of skipping one before hygiene services can lead to legal or health ramification...
    Rdh Advisory Board August 2023
    Career & Profession

    RDH Advisory Board spotlight: Marianne Dryer, Amber Lovatos, Ryan Rutar

    Meet three members of the RDH Advisory Board. Each member brings a unique perspective and expertise to our publications. Their responsibilities include peer review, content development...
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    Cutting the cord: Enhancing comfort and efficiency with cordless handpieces

    One of the best choices for improved ergonomics in an operatory is the cordless handpiece. Not only will it help avoid injury; it will also provide patients with a great experience...
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    Sanders Art
    Patient Care

    Spit it out: An overview of xerostomia and digestive disorders

    Xerostomia affects nearly one in three adults in the US. Its systemic impacts are being critically evaluated, and of great interest are the resulting digestive problems implicated...
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    Has dentistry's narrative failed?
    Patient Care

    Dentistry’s narrative has failed. How should we change?

    "Dentistry has been amazingly successful in delivering the message of the importance of oral hygiene. The only problem is that it is the wrong message." Learn more from the first...
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    Patient Care

    The buzz about Botox: What dental hygienists need to know

    Patients’ interest in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures is growing. More and more patients are benefiting from the Botox treatments they receive at their dentist’s office...
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    Patient Care

    The first steps to treating the root cause of dental dysbiosis

    Amber Auger, MPH, RDH, believes the focus should be on root causes of oral dysbiosis, not simply treatment of symptoms. Here are practical applications to help you implement this...