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  • Volume 43, Issue 5 (June 2023)
  • Volume 43, Issue 5 (June 2023)

    Image courtesy of Pac-Dent
    Pro Paste One
    Career & Profession

    Chairside Impact: Pac-Dent ProPaste One

    Hygienists have come up with many not-so-ergonomically-friendly ways of handling prophy paste. Pac-Dent provides a better option with their new ProPaste One disposable ring-and...
    Rdh Editor's Note (8)

    A wellspring of emotion

    June 2023 is an exciting time at RDH magazine, with many emotions running high. In her editor's note, Jackie Sanders gives an outline.
    Online Rcc
    RDH Community Connections

    RCC Spotlight: Kari Carter-Cherelus, RDH

    Kari Carter-Cherelus, RDH, knew she wasn't alone in dealing with burnout. She wrote a book to help other hygienists and now regularly shares how she overcame her struggles.
    Image courtesy of BioGaia
    Untitled Design 2023 06 27 T133709 561
    Career & Profession

    Chairside Impact: Probiotic lozenges from BioGaia Prodentis

    The thought of microorganisms making the body healthier elicits a positive response in most people; however, what if they could enhance oral health, as well?
    Image courtesy of Dove Dental
    Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation Devices Mobile 2048x
    Career & Profession

    Chairside Impact: Dove Dental backflow prevention

    Most patients don't know that backflow is a risk when using saliva ejectors, but it's happened to 1 in 4. Can you imagine the reaction if they were better informed? Dove Dental...

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    2306 Rd Hgut P01
    Patient Care

    The importance of tongue posture

    Dental professionals should stress the importance of tongue posture, and use this knowledge to educate and treat their patients.
    1477641437 © sorbetto | gettyimages.com
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    Patient Care

    A pain in the gut: Understanding irritable bowel syndrome and its dental implications

    Here’s a look at irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), its symptoms, treatments, effects on oral health, and what we can do as dental providers to help our patients who suffer from ...
    Courtesy of TheraBreath
    Ch10 112997 Thera Breath Product Line Up 1
    Patient Care

    Why I switched my mouth rinse recommendation

    TheraBreath offers diverse formulas of mouth rinse to match the unique needs of all patients. Here's why you should consider adding it to your armamentarium.
    Rdh Advisory Board
    Career & Profession

    RDH Advisory Board spotlight: Rafael Rondon, Angie Stone, Melissa Turner

    Meet three members of the RDH Advisory Board: Rafael Rondon, Angie Stone, and Melissa Turner.
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    Saddle stools: Finding that perfect fit

    There has been a rise in both awareness and usage of saddle stools among dental practitioners in recent years. What's the best saddle chair for dental hygienists? Here's how to...
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    2306 Rd Hlov P01
    Career & Profession

    Work it! Staffing assistance for dental hygienists

    What's the difference between a staffing agency and a staffing platform? Which one is right for you when you're looking for that perfect position?
    1452860663 © bopav | gettyimages.com
    Getty Images 1452860663
    Career & Profession

    Are we sweet enough? Understanding the health effects of sugar

    When did sugar go from “treat” to daily consumption? This hygienist did some research and found out what it takes to get patients (and health-care providers) to reduce their sugar...
    ID 78747667 © Kateryna Kon | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime L 78747667

    Why viruses should be part of the health history

    The Epstein-Barr virus is associated with several types of periodontal disease and may be a cause of periodontitis. Here’s what you need to know about how the virus affects oral...